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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Article #: 23 Title: Posttraumatic Growth Among Adolescents - the results demonstrate the existence of PTG among an adolescent population and suggest that PTG can be related to important health behaviours such as substance use - although researchers have extensively studied the negative outcomes of traumatic events, there is growing evidence indicating that these events can also lead to positive outcomes - this construing of benefits from traumatic events has been labeled posttraumatic group (PTG), or stress-related growth and includes positive interpersonal (e.g. an increased appreciation of life, changes in priorities, spirituality etc) and interpersonal changes (e.g. improvements in relationships with family, increased expressiveness) - the primary purpose of this study was to explore PTG among a younger population - because children are less resilient than adults,w e assume that severe stressors experienced during childhood as compared to adulthood, have less potential for producing PTG - however, there is evidence suggesting that PTG is indeed possible among younger populations Correlates of PTG - PTG is considered more than just adaptation or being resilient, it is thriving - moving beyond oneʼs original levels of function - the nature of a traumatic experiences plays a role in subsequent growth - trauma can shatter assumptions, and reduce positive illusions, to provide a window of realism through which one can concentrate on various existential matters - the more severe the trauma, the greater the reported PTG - a significant association between existential awareness (e.g. awareness of lifeʼs fragility) and personal growth - time elapsed since the occurrence of trauma may play a role in PTG - women report more PTG than men - religiosity is positively correlated to PTG - the existential paradigm of PTG s
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