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Benjamin Gottlieb

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Article #: 25 Title: Changing Network Support for Drinking: Initial Findings From the Network Support Project Abstract - the aim of this study was to determine whether a socially focused treatment can effect change in the patentʼs social network from one that reinforces drinking to one that reinforces sobriety - 3 treatment conditions: network support (NS), network support + contingency management (NS + CM) or case management (CaseM, control) - results indicate that the NS conditions did not reduce social support for drinking relative to the CaseM condition but did increase behavioural and attitudinal support for abstinence as well as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) involvement - these findings indicate that drinkersʼ social networks can be changed by a treatment that is specifically designed to do so, and that these changes contribute to improved drinking outcomes Intro - it has long been suggested that an effective means to prevent relapse in treated alcoholics is to alter their the reinforcers for abstinence and drinking behaviour in their home environment, one way to do this is to change the personʼs social network - network support for drinking (the degree to which people in the home environment encourage drinking) has been found to be predictive of poor outcomes in treatment - clearest example of an existing social network that supports abstinence is AA - in the present study, alcoholic patients were drawn from the community and randomly assigned to one of the 3 treatment conditions - hypothesized that a NS intervention would result in more adaptive change in social networks than would CaseM and that such changes in the social network would predict drinking outcomes - also hypot
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