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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Article #: 31 Title: Early Intervention for People with Psychosis - it can take put to 2 years after the first signs of psychosis for individuals and their families to begin to seek or receive appropriate help and treatment - reasons for this delay can include lack of awareness, reluctance to seek help, unspecific early stomas and stigma - the first few years of severe mental illness carry the highest risk of serious physical, social and legal harm - 1/10 people with severe mental illness commits suicide and 2/3 of these occur within the first 5 years of illness - early intervention focuses on prevention as well as treatment, and aims to help patients and their families at a relatively early stage of illness What Does the Evidence for Early Intervention Show? - people with prodromal symptoms (before the onset of serious illness where symptoms are often unspecific) who received a phase-specific intervention plus care from a specialized team, were significantly less likely to develop psychosis at a 6 month follow up than those who only received care from a specialized team - hospital admission rat
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