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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Article #: 5 Title: Mental Health of Displaced and Refugee Children Resettled in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries: Risk and Protective Factors Goals - to review the evidence-based for individual, family, community, and societal risk and protective factors for the mental health outcomes of children and adolescents Who Benefits? (Target Audience) - children and adolescents who are forced to migrate across the world Universal, Selective, or Indicated - selective - displaced children are at risk but they may not have a mental health disorder yet Primary, Secondary, Tertiary - secondary concerned about how to support children before they develop mental health problems (nip it in the bud) Risk and Protective Factors - risk = exposure to violence, not being accompanied by an adult carer - protective = resiliency Individual Factors - exposure to violence has the strongest base for risk - children who have a history of physical, psychological or developmental disorders (risk) - time since migration (risk) - being older than 12 (risk) - being a girl - for internalizing or emotional problems (risk) - being a boy - for externalizing or behavioural problems (risk) Family Factors - loss of family at a young age and recent bereavement (risk) - living in a nuclear family (protective) - family connectedness (protective) - poor household circumstances (risk) - increased affluence (protective) Community Factors - community social support (protective) Societal Factors - dissimilarity of culture, language and religion (risk) - belief systems (protective) - pre-migration residence in socioeconomically disadvantages urban areas in high- income countries (risk) - living in refugee camps (risk) - repatriation - going back to original country (protec
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