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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Article #: 15 Title: Prevention of Marital Distress: A Longitudinal Investigation Goals - examines the impact of an intervention designed to prevent divorce and marital distress for couples planning marriage Who Benefits? (Target Audience) - couples planning marriage Universal, Selective, or Indicated - universal because all couples planning marriage were included Primary, Secondary, Tertiary - primary because it is reducing incidence of marital distress and divorce before a problem exists, promoting positive communication skills Risk and Protective Factors - risk = poor communication and problem-solving skills, dissatisfaction with interactions - protective = positive communicationa nd problem solving skills Measures of Data Collection (what is measured, # of times, and how) - after an initial session, couples were assigned high or low ratings on each of 4 matching variables (engages vs. planning marriage, relationship satisfaction, communication impact, and confidence in getting married) - there were 5 procedural stages: preassessment (time 1), intervention postassessment (time 2), 1 1/2 year follow-up (time 3), and 3 year follow-up (time 4) - participated in two 2 hour research sessions that were scheduled 1 week apart where couples were interviewed and completed a set of questionnaires - also participated in 2 10-15 minute video-taped problem solving interaction tasks - after the intervention group was invited to complete the Premarital Relationship Enhancement Program Intervention Strategies? - emphasized communication and problem-solving skills, clarifying and sharing expectations and sensual/sexual enhancement - directed toward teaching competencies (posit
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