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PSYC 3690 Chapter Notes -Suicidal Ideation

Course Code
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

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Article #: 12
Title: School Approaches to Youth Suicide Prevention
- create competent school communities in which all members accept responsibility for
the safety of each other and can provide an appropriate initial response to those at risk
- designed to increase the likelihood that school gatekeepers (faculty) and peers who
come in contact with at-risk youth can more readily identify them, provide an
appropriate initial response to them, will know how to obtain help for them and are
consistently inclined to take such action
Who Benefits? (Target Audience)
- youths at risk of suicide
Universal, Selective, or Indicated
- universal - delivered to everyone at the school
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
- primary - reducing incidence of suicide and promoting connectedness between adults
and students in school
Risk and Protective Factors
- protective = contact with helpful adults
Measures of Data Collection (what is measured, # of times, and how)
Intervention Strategies?
- administrative consultation to ensure that policies and procedures for responding to at-
risk students, attempts and completions are in place
- school gate-keeper training for all faculty and staff on the identification of, initial
response to, and effective referral of troubled and at-risk students
- parent training covering similar material as the school gatekeeper training as well as
means restriction strategies
- community gatekeeper training that incorporates policies and procedures for effective
response and coordination with schools and families
- student classes usually consisting of 4 to 5 class periods included in health curriculum
- stronger connection between students and adults in school
Results (what did the program accomplish)
- 2 programs, in New Jersey and Florida found a reduction in county youth suicide rates
- in the Florida program, no student who was successfully identified for intervention later
committed suicide and there was no significant reduction in self-reported suicidal
ideation among students
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