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Article 11 -Youth-Nominated Team for Suicidal Adolescents.docx

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

1 Article 11 -Youth-Nominated Team for Suicidal (Version 1): A Randomized Controlled Trial (King, Kramer, Preuss et al., 2006) Abstract -Investigated the efficacy of the Youth-Nominated Support Team –Version 1 (YST-1) -YST-1 = psychoeducational social network intervention with psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents -Randomly assigned to regular treatment or regular treatment + YST-1 -No main effects for YST-1 on suicidal ideation or attempts, internalizing symptoms or related functional impairment, but YST-1 girls reported greater decreases in suicidal ideation and greater decreases in mood-related functional impairment reported by parents Strategy Mediator Outcome -Enhance adolescent -Increased communication and emotional -Girls in YST-1 group showed support system support from significant others (girls spend greater declines in suicidal more time sharing feelings and report ideation and mood related greater satisfaction in support which may ideation explain gender differences) Goals of Intervention -YST-1 designed to supplement routine care for suicidal youth following psychiatric hospitalization -Provides psychoeducation and support to people chosen by youth and facilitates supportive weekly contact with these people and the suicidal youth -Goal of research was to determine if YST-1 improves on usual treatment in reducing suicidality and subjective distress and if gender is a moderator of intervention effects Who Benefits? -Adolescents (12-17) who were psychiatrically hospitalized, had attempted suicide or had significant ideation in the past month and score high on the self-harm subscale of CAFAS -Excluded if they were severely or profoundly mentally retarded r presented incapacitating psychosis Classification Indicated: participants were hospitalized psychiatric patients who had recently attempted suicide, or scored high on measures of suicidal ideation and self harm Secondary: participants were at high risk for attempting/committing suicide, goal of intervention was to prevent suicide and decrease suicidal ideation, internalizing symptoms and mood-related functional impairment Measures Baseline and Outcomes: Wide range of suicidal thoughts using the Suicidal ideation Questionnaire (self- report survey with strong psychometric properties); history of suicidality using the Suicide Behaviour Scale (5 pint rating scale); internalizing symptoms including the Youth Self-Report Internalizing Scale and the Reynolds Adolescent Depression scale; and functional impairment in multiple areas using the CAFAS (parent observations) Mediators: increased social support, communication and understandi
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