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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

1 Article 15 -Prevention of Marital Distress: A longitudinal Investigation (Flyod, Stanley & Storaasli, 2008) Abstract -Study examines impact of intervention designed to prevent divorce and marital distress -Short and long term effects of cognitive-behavioural marital stress prevention discussed -Couples planning marriage randomly assigned to intervention or control -Pre and post intervention assessments with follow-ups at 1 and 3 years -Intervention emphasized communication and problem solving skills, clarifying and sharing expectations and sensual/sexual enhancement -Results indicate couples learned skills in intervention, but no group differences emerged on self-reports of relationship quality -At 1 ½ years intervention group showed more relationship satisfaction -At 3 years showed more relationship and sexual satisfaction and less intimacy problems -Data support cost effective prevention for attacking major social problem of divorce Notes -50% of newlyweds in the US are likely to get a divorce -Almost every couple can be considered to be at risk for divorce -Studies of relationship development have indicated that factors such as poor communication, problem-solving skills and dissatisfaction with interactions can predict the development of relationship distress later in marriage -Once dysfunctional interaction patterns form, they are hard to modify which indicates that couples may benefit from premarital communication training -Argues that focus should be on prevention not on treatment after problems occur -Most popular contemporary approaches to prevention are premarital counseling, provided by clergy, that examines religious values and personality compatibility. However, research has shown that compatibility accounts for much variance in current and later marital satisfaction and stability. Strategy Mediator Outcome -Communication skills -Learned active listening and -Improved training expressive skills communication -How to request change, -Less marital conflict, -Problem-solving brainstorming, contracting increased sense of training -Learned to identify relationship efficacy expectations of self and other -Increased relationship and communicate satisfaction, fewer -Clarification of Marital Expectations -Intro to strategies to prevent intimacy issues -Sensual/sexual sexual problems and
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