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Benjamin Gottlieb

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1 Article 14 -Internet-Based Personalized Feedback to Reduce 21st Birthday Drinking: A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Event-Specific Prevention Intervention (Neighbors, Lee, Lewis, Fossos & Walter, 2009) Abstract -Article presents an initial randomized control trial of an event-specific prevention intervention -Participants were college students who intended to consume 2+ drinks on their 21 birthdays -Completed a screening/baseline assessment approx 1 week before they turned 21 and were randomly assigned to receive web-based personal feedback or the assessment only -Feedback included normative info, protective behaviours and personalized blood alcohol concentration info st -Follow-up assessment was completed approx 1 week after their 21 birthdays -Results indicated a sig. intervention effect in reducing estimated blood alcohol concentration -Intervention effect was moderated by 21 birthday drinking intentions –intervention was most effective for those intended to reach high levels of intoxication -Results showed some support for normative info as mediator of intervention efficacy -Overall support for web-based personalized feedback as an intervention approach for specific events associated with extreme drinking Strategy Mediator Outcome -Personalized feedback -Reduction in normative misconceptions -Decreased alcohol -Comparisons to normative (more accurate knowledge regarding how consumptiostand BAC levels drinking behaviours much peers drink) during 21 birthday -Information regarding celebrations protective behaviours -Use of protective behaviours (e.g. avoiding drinking games, limiting number of drinks, etc.) -Not supported as statistically sig. mediator but students who engaged in more of these behaviours reported lower BACs Goals of Intervention -To reduce extreme drinking and dangerous levels of alcohol consumption during high-risk events (i.e. st 21 birthday celebrations) Who Benefits? -College students who intended to drink more than 2 drinks during their 21 birthday celebrations, aim was to include as many students as possible (intervention not helpful to students with no intention to drink, but didn’t want to exclude those who would end up drinking more than they intended) Classification Indicated: selected students were turning 21 during 2 academic quarters and who reported intention to drink 2+ drinks on their 21 birthdays during individual screening Tertiary: harm reduction approach -program did not intend to prevent alcohol consumption at 21 st birthday celebrations, just to decrease the amounts and thereby negative consequence 2 s Measures Baseline: typical weekly drinking, 21 birthday drinking intentions, perceived norms and protective intentions (inc. using extra ice, stopping at a predetermined time, alternate b/w alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks, limiting number of drinks, no drinks with more than 1 shot in it) -Drinking levels comparable to other samples –around 6 drinks/week Outcomes: perceived 21 birthday drinking norms, protective factors and actual 21 birthday drinking, and BACs were estimated based Satisfaction: a satisfaction survey was included at the end of feedback to see if students actually looked through all the feedback and to determine if they found the info interesting, if they were confident it was accurate, if they found it surprising and if they would be likely to use it to make decisions on their birthday) Mediators: perceived norms and protective behavioural strategies (only perceived norms statistically supported as a mediator) Moderators: personalized feedback more effective with heavy drinkers (esp. those who intended to drink a lot for specific events) Program Content -Randomly assigned to complete the assessment survey only, or complete the assessment and receive personalized feedback -Feedback placed specific emphasis on drinking intentions, BAC info (based on drinking intentions, weight and gender, and included the effects of different BACs), normative info and protective behaviour strategies -Also included a harm reduction message –noting intent
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