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Article 13 -Bridging the Past and Present to the Future of Crisis Intervention and Crisis Management.docx

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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

1Article 13 Bridging the Past and Present to the Future of Crisis Intervention and Crisis Management Albert 2005 Abstract Interdisciplinary handbook written by crisis and trauma experts to prepare crises workers counselors therapists emergency services clergy and grad students for rapid lethality assessmentsStrategy MediatorOutcomeRisk assessment Can seek approp services if client at risk Protection from selfothersRapid establishment of Sense of acceptance understanding and Trust clinician feel more rapportrelationship empathy normal Identify major problems Examining coping methods etc Realize problems with Deal with feelingsactive Client explores own feelings in more depth previous coping methods listeningand identifyunderstand Generate and explore Client learns more effective coping feelings alternatives strategies work with client strengths Handle situation better Formulate plan of action restore cognitive functioning more realistic client can gain confidence FollowupAgreementunderstanding of event replacing irrational from drawing on own beleifs strengthsNotes Landscape of crisis intervention practices forever altered on Sept 11 2001 terrorist attacks widespread impact resulted in reviewsupdates of crisis intervention practices increase of terrorist threats has made Americans anxious panicky Live in era where suddenunpredictable crisis have become familiar subjects of everyday news Those struck by traumatic events need immediate help from mental health professionals crisis intervention workers or their significant others Prevalence of social psychological criminal justicepublic health problems has increased dramatically in recent years most notable are these traumaprovoking eventsViolent crimesTraumatic stressorscrisis prone situations divorce losing job illness death injuryOnset or reoccurrence of mental illnessNatural disastersAccidents airplane car Transitionaldevelopmental stressorsmoving changing schools divorce unexpected pregnancy Numerous other scenarios that could potentially trigger crisis nd Homicide rate for US is highest besides Columbia South Africa for year 2000 was 2 leading cause of death for individuals aged 152415 children in US exhibit signs of psychiatric disorderDomestic violence prevalent 87 million cases per year30500 people die annually from suicide 80 people per dayMore than 3200 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each day 140 patients with AIDS die each day Motor vehicle accidents kill 118 people each day
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