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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

1 Early Intervention for People with Psychosis Introduction -Paper summarizes of a review of research evidence about early intervention for severe mental illness -It can take up 2 years after the first signs of psychosis for individuals and their families to begin to seek or receive appropriate help/treatment b/c of lack of awareness, reluctance to seek help, unspecific early symptoms and stigma -First few years of mental illness carry highest risk of serious physical, social and legal harm -1/10 people with serious mental illness commit suicide, 2/3 in the first 5 years -Early intervention focuses on prevention as well as treatment, and aims to help patients and their families at an early stage of the illness What is Early Intervention -Aims to promote recovery by: 1. Prevention 2. Early Detection 3. More effective treatment at the beginning of illness -May be offered in addition to standard care or by a specialized early intervention team -In the UK early interventions are expected to meet the needs of: -People aged 14-35 who show symptoms of psychosis for the first time -People aged 14-35 during the first 3 years of a psychotic illness What Does the Evidence Show? -There is a limited number of robust research trials on early intervention -Main positive finding was that people who relieved a phase-specific intervention (low dose drugs and CBT), and care from a specialized team, were significantly less likely to develop psychosis at 6-month follow up (than those who only received care from a specialized team) -Hospital admission rates were also reduced for first-episode patients receiving a phase-specific intervention (family therapy) plus outpatient care compared to patients who only received outpatient care -Further definitive evidence is needed for the benefits of early detection and treatment of prodromal symptoms, phase-specific interventions and specialised teams for first-episode psychosis Does Delaying Treatment Impair Recovery -Arguments have b
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