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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Article 24 Title of Article: Optimism -Examined a number of studies on optimism and pessimism -Optimism = + future expectancies, pessimism = - future expectancies –basic qualities of perspnality -Folk wisdom suggest differences, not always accurate but support in this case , several impacts on life: -Subjective experiences -How they approach problems and challenges -Manner and success of coping w/ adversity Expectancy-Value Models of Motivation -Assumes behavior is organized around the pursuit of goals -Importance of goal determines motivation -Expectancy – a sense of confidence or doubt about the attainability of the goal value -Confidence determines motivation -Crippling doubt –lack of confidence = little action -Goals vary in specificity and concreteness and there is a range of variations in expectancy -Optimism and pessimism are based on generalized expectancies -Optimists should be confident and persistent when confronting a challenge and are also likely to assume adversity can be handled successfully -Pessimists should be doubtful and hesitant and are also more likely to assume adversity will lead to disaster -Continuum, most people in the middle Variations in conceptions and assessments -2 main approaches 1. Measures expectancies directly by asking people to indicate the extent to which they believe that their future outcomes will be good or bad ---Approach used by this study -LOT-R (Life Orientation Test-Revised) is a measure used to assess expectancies -Has high internal consistency and is relatively stable over time 2. Measuring expectancies indirectly by asking people to explain reasons for past failures -Relies on the assumption that people’s expectancies for the future derive from the cause of events in their past -Focus on stable and global causes of failure represent pessimism -Both approaches have shed light on the nature and function of optimism and pessimism Subjective Experiences in face of Adversity -Women After Childbirth -Optimism related to lower depressive symptoms both before and after childbirth -Men and Heart Surgery -Optimism related to less hostility and depression, more happiness and relief before and after surgery, and better quality of life after surgery (above and beyond other factors) -Optimism funneled a general sense of confidence into specific optimism regarding surgery -Early Stage Breast Cancer -Optimism predicted lower levels of initial distress and more resilience against stress following surgery (above and beyond other factors) -Failed In Vitro Fertilization -The only predictor of distress after receiving a negative pregnancy test was optimism (not demographics, obstetric history, marital adjustment or reported effects in participants life) -Abortion -Optimists had less pre-abortion depression, better post-abortion adjustment -Optimism is related to lower levels of distress and negative emotions during difficult events and better adjustment/more resilience afterward, as well as lower levels of depression and physical issues among caregivers -Optimism relates to psychological adjustment directly and indirectly through personal efficacy Coping -Above results occur when controlling for other factors and previous levels of distress b/c of differences in coping strategies -Optimists -Exert more continuous effort b/c they are more confident about the future -Engage in more problem-focused coping (when the situation is controllable) and positive framing emotional-focused coping (when the situation is uncontrollable) -Try
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