PSYC 3850 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Age Appropriateness, Independent Living, Common Core State Standards Initiative

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What Do All Students Need To Learn
Most people agree on
math, science and technology, literacy
self-supporting skills and problem-solving
active citizenship and the growing importance of global solutions
A Nation at Risk
local educators must declare how much of the general education their students with CIDs will access
but this might lead to losing practical skill learning
each state must include their students in statewide assessments
What Do Students With CIDs Need To Learn
before the IDEA legislation, the American Association for the Education of the Severely/Profoundly Handicapped (AAESPH, now
TASH) began to advocate for the rights of IWCIDs
sought full integration for IWCIDs
1. Independent living skills
four brand categories: hygiene and toiling, dressing, home living (maintaining clothes, dishes, living environment, food prep), and
personal mobility
taught vs. strengthened
younger people need to learn skills, older students may know what to do but have diculty putting it into practice
MORE project helped people in an institution learn independent living skills
is now standard curriculum
personal mobility — destination, route, and use of public transportation
2. Communication
types of problems
speech problems (articulation)
voice problems (pitch or intensity)
language disorders (delayed language, undeveloped vocabulary)
non symbolic and symbolic speech
form vs function instruction — do we teach the style of the speech, or strengthen the tools they already have?
communication issues can often lead to behavioural problems (communicating discomfort, distrust, frustration)
3. Social interactions and relations
social skills = means by which people make connections / exchange information / make needs known / enter and maintain
social perceptions are often a large reason we are motivated to communicate
4. Academic skills
most research demonstrates that students with CIDs can participate in the Common Core State Standards
reading, writing, math
but there also needs to be instruction of life skills, career development, and other functional ideas
5. Transition, community living, and employment skills
Principles for Deciding Instructional Content
Establish the value of the lessons for the students
it will help you in the future, help you gain employment, will make you valuable to society, is in their interests, etc.
Criterion of Ultimate Functioning
proposed for students with severe disabilities to learn life skills
if the student could not perform the proposed skill, would another person have to do it for the student, or could the task go
environmental focus
Quality of Life — seeking normal interactions (cf. being surrounded by people being paid to be there)
but is not defined by independence and having certain skills
personal life satisfaction is a huge influence
Age Appropriateness
individuals with CIDs do not hold roles of “perpetual children”
and they shouldn’t be taught as 16yo with puppets and sing-a-long songs
students need to learn behavioural patterns reflecting their age and skills
Skills that make a Contribution to Society
universal goal of American education is to make every person able to contribute to society
Where do Teachers Gain Information About Instructional Content
Individualized Educational Program (IEP)
required for every special education student by federal law
esp. ages 5-14
establishing annual goals
basing the goals on previous performance
gaining information about student goals based on a team of educators, parents, and the student
Individualized Family Services Program (IFSP)
formal process to make sure children with CIDs get the help and attention and supports they need
involves the family way more than an IEP
mostly ages birth-3yo
less focused on goals, and more on creating connections
created by parents, teachers, and professionals
pretty much anyone who has worked with the student
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