SOAN 3070 Chapter Notes - Chapter week 1: Hermeneutic Circle

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Article: Hermeneutics and Critical
Hermeneutics: is the philosophy and methodology of text interpretation, especially
the interpretation of biblical texts, wisdom literature, and philosophical texts
suitable for work of a textual and interpretive nature, yet writings in
hermeneutics are frequently viewed as dense and impenetrable
Originally an approach used for the interpretation of ancient and biblical texts
processes of human understanding and interpretation
hermeneutics reveals the mediated processes of all human understanding;
qualitative research is concerned with the same project. Furthermore,
hermeneutics questions the limitations of positivist approaches to research
understanding hermeneutics and critical hermeneutics can potentially enrich
and deepen the conceptual foundations of research undertaken from a
qualitative perspective
sometimes criticized for its conceptually elusive nature
!ve characteristics of a hermeneutic approach:
oseeks understanding rather than explanation
oacknowledges the situated location of interpretation
orecognizes the role of language and historicity in interpretation
oviews inquiry as conversation
ois comfortable with ambiguity
The hermeneutic circle traditionally signi!ed a methodological process or
condition of understanding, namely that coming to understand the meaning
of the whole of a text and coming to understand its parts were always
interdependent activities
o“construing the meaning of the whole meant making sense of the parts
and grasping the meaning of the parts depended on having some
sense of the whole"
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