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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

SOAN*2112: Chapter Summary Swap The Women Founders of the Social Sciences pg 157-164 Harriet Taylor Mill 1807-1858 Background  Educated herself at home  Married John Taylor at age 18  Daughter Helen Taylor  Writing partnership with JS Mill  Introduced by her minister  Initially caused scandal  Resulted in bad feelings from the Mill family  Taylor and J.S Mill spend a great deal of time together  Drafting and redrafting Mill’s manuscripts  He did most of writing, but credits her for input  Corresponded by mail when they were separated  Was frequently ill and had to travel to therapeutic clinics  She looked after husband in his illness in death  2 year mourning after he passed  Then finally married JS Mill (he writing partner)  Wrote about legal inequalities in marriage  Wrote “The enfranchisement of women” on their honeymoon  Revised autobiography when they both thought they were dying of tuberculosis  When JS Mill retired – planned to move to France – she died enroute  Taylor and Mill worked together on the suffrage movement and other causes  Organized the society for the Representation of Women  Mill continued to work for suffrage after her death  Advocated for the vote for women  Spoke in parliament for property law reform and violence against women  Raised issues of distinct women’s culture  Wrote “the subjection of women” Work and Contributions  Seen as one of the most-maligned women in the history of ideas  Given very little credit for her work  Blamed for adversely affecting JS Mill’s work  Hard to tell what her exact contributions were  JS Mill’s praise of her – contributed to him being in love  She is thought to be the source of the couple’s feminism  Seen as more radical than Mill  The Enfranchisement of Women  Published under Mill’s name  Really a joint publication  Other work  Dissertations and Discussions  Taylor Mill as the sole author  Claims to be the co-author of  Principles of political economy  On Liberty essay  Acknowledged by Mill to be the course of Key elements in Principles of a Political Economy  Claims only authorship of abstract and purely scientific parts  Taylor’s influence gave book it’s distinctive tone and usefulness  Making proper decisions between the laws of production of wealth, which are real laws of nature, dependent of properties of objects, and the mode of distribution, which, subject to certain conditions depend on human will.  This work tried to understand social and economic causes, but not treat them as final  Their collaboration described as (by Mill)  Thoughts and speculations completely in common  Set out from the same principles and arrive at the same conclusions  She is described as being much more courageous and far-sighted than Mill would have been without her  Critics say – she is not the extraordinary genius so loudly proclaimed by Mill, and that there is nothing remarkable in her work  Is however credited with great influence, strengthening the rationalist element in Mill’s thought  Described as being an artist to Mill’s Scientist  Contributions to joint works  Her editing is seen as making the work more gra
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