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Chapter 14

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

CHAPTER 14 Marx’s Relation to Hegel and Feuerbach  For Hegel it will be recalled that reason embraced the total universe  Organic and inorganic,  nature as well as society were governed by the Idea and its dialectical logic  Hegel, Reason and truth were both imminent forces  Truth  “not merely a function of normal propositions; the criterion of the truth was reality in process”  it is true if it fulfills all its objective possibilities  the dialectical conception of reality profoundly influences Marx’s thinking about social phenomena  “the realm of the “is: must always be challenged to reveal the possibilities within it  Marx, like Hegel- refused to limit truth to a particular “given”; he firmly believed “that the potentialities of men and things are no exhausted in the given forms and relations in which they may actually appear…”  Marx was always conscious of the transient character of any given facts, which are but negative moments in a ceaseless historical process  The possibility of revolution rested on certain objective economic and political conditions, which could be grasped through an analysis of the structure and tendencies of capitalism.  Only with factual knowledge could Marx develop(as was his intention) a theory to guide the revolutionary action of the working class  He exposes the materialistic nature of the prevailing order in which relations of production are fundamental in forming and deforming human relations and in divesting man of his human character  Marx’s ideal was to invert the prevalent relationship between social being and social consciousness.  By le
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