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SOAN 2112 Classical Theory Reading Zeitlan: Comte

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Comte 17981857Main developer of organic paradigm Utilizing the assumptipons provided by naturalism rationalism social reform and the positivist method he developed a view of society concentrating on its systematic needs with functionally interrelated parts through the diviosn of labourOrganicism the structure and function of a society can be analogized tot he structure and functioning of a living biological entity Saw a deplorable state of anarchy thought his social physics would bring orderSocial and moral anarchy the result of intellectual anarchy theologicalmethaphysical declined positive not there yetOrder and progress must be united previously two different concepts with 2 different partieso Retrogade Party Order Destroying old order was bad restore it o Anarchists Destruction of old order is incompleteNeed synthesis of opposing ideas2 principles of order and progress must be studied as a whole Sceintifric method requires society be studied as a whole and not dividedLaw of Three Stages o Phylogeny development of human groups in society o Ontogeny The development of the individual human organism o Believer in childhood critical in adolescne a natural philosopher in adulthoodo Each of these stages parallels individual development Metaphyiscal thinkers enlightenmentnessecary to break down the old order but now useless Bad dogmas o Liberty of conciousnous negative principles o Equality Shouldnt be turned into an absolute o Soverignty of the peop
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