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SOAN 2112 Classical Theory Reading Zietlan: Martineau

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Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

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Harriet Martineau 18021876Promoted teh values of the enlightenment her entire lifeFirst English woman journalist writing for a living under her own nameStudied America admired democracy Visited almost every time of institution Study of scoeity ought to become a methodology rigourous discipline in its own rightStudy of society needed to be coined as its own subjet matterResearcher could turn to the arts to hear the morals Books show the spirit of the people newspapers show political will Art indicates morality of a culture The American republic had demonstrated that pople can govern themselves Humanity is capable of selfgovernment Declaration of Independenceembodied the principles of universal justice but these principles were contraditcted by the institution of slavery The new republic was also not a classless societyaristocratic class and the peopleDifferences in mobs In Europe is was the poor peasantry rising against oppression in America it was the gentlemen of social status rallying Gangs of New York Link birth of American democracy and birth of American crime Modern America wasnt forged in quiet rooms with great men but in the streets with the clash of immig
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