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SOAN 2112 Reading Zietlan: Karl Marx

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Karl Marx 18181883Marx wholeheartedlly reaffirms the legacy of the Enlightment and French Rev that Comte hatedAttempted to mobilize the proletariart o rise up and claim their place in societyBased on an evolutionary point of departurestruggle was the engine of progress Strife was the father of all things Social conflict was the core of social processes Motivating force in history was the manner in which humans related to one another in their continuous struggle We move from primitive to capitalism to socialism to communism Through these stages it leads to the creation of protagonist classes Had a conception of the natural manman is infinitely perfectible hes essential powers are unlimited in their capacity for development Mans creative powers were repressedunder the social conditions of all classs societies capitalism was depriving hum of his animal needs air food sex Capitalistindustrial system reduced man to an animal laborans a beast reduced to the strictest bodily needs The lowest possible level of life and activity had become the general standarddeprived of both human and animal needsAlienation The dehumanization of man a phenomenon of the minda condition in which mans own powers appear as independent forces or entites controlling his actions Religion as a product of social alienationhistorically humanity has been divided against itself by the socialclass cleavages of society its the domination oppression and exploitation of man by man that has given rise to religionreligious ideas are an expression of human suffering and a protest against it as well Its the opium of the peopleleads people to seek meaing and happiness not in the human world but in the divine hereafterSo long as oppression and sharp inequalities prevail people will continue to create comforting illusionsneed to change the social order and eliminate the circumstances that require illusions industrial capitalism Initial alienation from his means of production that forces the individual to forma n estranged relationship with another individual employerthe activity itself is an alienating activity since the product remains alien to the worker and the process of produc
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