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field research

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Introductory Methods Ch 9 Field Research Introo Qualitative research styleo Field research is also known as ethnography or participantobservation researcho Researchers directly observe and participate in small scale social settings natural environmento Through interaction over months of years researchers learn their life histories hobbies interests habits hopes dreams fears etcResearch Questions Appropriate for Field Research Field research is appropriate when the research involves learning about understanding or describing a group of interacting peopleo Can be used when other methods are not practical ex studying street gangso Studying people in a location or settingo Members people who are studied they are insiders and belong to a group subculture or social setting that the field researcher is an outsider to Enthnography and Ethnomethodology Ethnography describing a culture and understanding another way of life from the native point of viewo Assumes that people make inferences from what is seen or head to what is actually meant is the centre of ethnographyo Cultural knowledge symbols songs sayings facts ways of behaving and objectsy Explicit knowledge what we know and talk abouty Tacit knowledge unspoken cultural norms ex how close one should stand to a strangerEthnomethodology very distinct approach that combines theory philosophy and methodo The study of common sense knowledge by observing its creation and use in ongoing social interaction in natural settingso Considered a radical and extreme approacho Looks at microsituationso Assumes social meaning is fragile and fluid not fixed or stable it is constantly being created and recreatedo Looks at tacit socialcultural rules and interactions as a process of reality construction of social life The Logic of Field ResearchWhat is field research
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