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Chapter 4

chapter 4 summary

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Research Design and the Logic of Causation three purposes of research exploration explore a topic to familiarize it appropriate for more persistent phenomena done for 3 purposes to satisfy researchers curiosity for better understanding test the feasibility of undertaking a more extensive study develop methods to be employed essential when a researcher is exploring new ground source of grounded theory they seldom give satisfactory answers but hint at them description observe then describe what was observed more accurate than casual observation many qualitative studies primarily description explanation descriptive studies answer questions ofwhy Causation in IdeographicNomothetic Models of Explanationideographic model often used in daily life and social research nomothetic model is designed to discover those considerations that are most important in explaining general classes of actionsevents nomothetic model involves isolation of those relatively few considerations that will provide explanations for manyallnomothetic model is probabilistic in its approach to causation idea of causation is present in bothCriteria for Nomothetic Causalitylook atlogic and observation logic suggests the observed relationships are not casual by nature 3 main criteria for nomothetic casual relationships variables must be correlated cause takes place before effect variables are nonspurious caus
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