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Chapter 5

SOAN 2120 Chapter 5

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Chapter 5Conceptualization Operationalization Measurementconceptions are technical terms for mental images ie people who call minorities and homosexuals ugly names are prejudiceeveryone has a diff perception of what prejudice is 3 classes of things scientists measure direct observables those things we can directly observe ie the colour of an apple indirect observables more subtle observations ie we notice someone checked the female box so we indirectly observe that persons gender constructs theoretical creations that are based on observations ie someones IQ concepts are constructs derived from mutual agreement from mental imagesConceptualization the process through which we specify what we will mean when we use particular terms produces a specific agreedupon meaning for a conceptIndicatorsDimensionsindicatora sign of the presence absence of the concept were studying ie visiting a childrens hospital during Christmas is an indicator of compassion dimensiona specific aspect of a concept ie the feeling dimension of compassion distinguish compassion for humans from compassion for animals or see it as helping ppl have what we want for them vs what they want for themselves Interchangeability of Indicatorsif several different indicators all repre
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