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Chapter 10

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Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

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Unobtrusive Research methods of studying social behaviour wout affecting it3 types analysis of exiting statistics content analysis historicalcomparative research content analysis researcher examines a class of social artifacts that are usually written documents ie newspaper existing statistics looking at statistics and making observations about them that relate to the populationcomparative research form of research wvenerable history in the social sciences Analysing Existing Statistics researcher must often face the limitations and constraints of available measures ethical approval is almost never required Durkheims Study on Suicide found that rates of suicide were around a certain time of year many in the summer noticed predominant Protestant countries had higher rates Units of Analysisoften not the individual looking more at groups Problems of Validity logical reasoning and replicationa little ingenuity and reasoning can generally turn up several independent tests of a given hypothesis Problems of Reliability depends largely on the quality of the statistics themselves Are they accurate process of record keeping affects the records that are kept and reported researchers mu
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