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Chapter 11

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Qualitative Field Research appropriate to the study of attributes and behaviours best understood in their natural settingswell suited for study of social processes over timeEthnographyParticipant Observation these have in common the natural setting involves observation participation archival analysis and interviewing Case Study focused attention on a single instance of some social phenomenonperson can be used in qualitative and quantitativemeant to focus on the specificities of the case as well as to be descriptiveRoles of the Observer acting as a participant has an ethical dilemma sometimes its needed to deceive participants so that they do not act differently from knowing they are being studied reactivityanything the participantobserver does will affect the group in some wayObserving Outlaw Bikers wanted to learn about their own worldview found that rushing into trying to fit in didnt work had to be patient soon he became close wmany members and became more involved over 3 year period found that the friendships he made wthem were genuine and they were more like brothers than subjects to himas he became more fully participating role as researcher be
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