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Chapter 40

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2400

Chapter 40 SummaryGenderbashing Sexuality Gender and the Regulation of Public Space Namaste argues that those bodies that transgress what is sociallydeemed to be an acceptable gender performance are the most at risk for assault In North America violence against lesbians gay men and bisexuals is rapidly escalatingIn this chapter it is argued that a perceived transgression of normative sexgender relations motivates much of the violence against sexual minorities and that an assault on these transgressive bodies is fundamentally concerned with policing gender presentation through public and private space 421 in western societies it is thought that there are only 2 genders man and woman and 3 main sexualities heterosexual homosexual and bisexual If one acts differently than their expected gender they may be labelled as a different sexuality ex A girl who is more aggressive and dresses more masculine may be inaccurately called a lesbian or dyke in a derogative way simply because she does not live up to societys expectations of gender the fusion of gender and sexuality has distinct implications for the problem of violence as assum
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