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Chapter 15

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2400

Chapter 15 SummarySameSex Marriage and Canadian Relationship Recognition One Step Forward and Two Steps Back A Critical Liberationist Perspective Mul analyzes the privileges of marriage from a critical liberationist perspectiveliberationist ethospeople having the right to define for themselves who they are and how they live with the impact of contributing to societys diversity rather than being shaped by society tohegemonicroles and expectations and thus being marginalized if they fail to do soAnalysis using this perspective through a queer lens is used in this studymarriage creates a system that allows the state to regulate relationshipsproponents of samesex marriage accept the regime of marriagein 2001 the law commission of Canada had debates over the acceptance of same sex marriage and decided to focus on both nonconjugal and conjugal marriage so that nonconjugal partners would also have the opportunity to register and subscribe to a series of legal rights and obligations 2001 the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario clgro proposed that the state should exit the business of marriage and allow for p
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