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Chapter 7

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2400

Chapter 7: Sk8ter Girls: Skateboarders,  Girlhood and Feminism in motion  - Post feminist: o Teenage girls labelled as post feminist:  enjoying the freedoms without having to do any of the work of the feminist movement  not carrying on the traditions  failed second wave feminism in its legacy of collective political action and social change - when talk to girls about “everyday things” o girls are quietly but powerfully changing the face of girlhood through localized and specific gender struggles o new form of political expression that takes place in new spaces o study: young women are engaged in social change but it occurs in virtual, marginal or underground locations - emphasized femininity: traditional femininity based on subordination to men and boys o skater girl:  girls who skateboard  have to challenge skater boys who dominated the park  stood in resistance to emphasized femininity  social category that holds possibility for feminist politics  by occupying the subject position of skater the girls worked towards a subjectivity that indicated feminist politics through resistance to the male dominated space of the park  by skateboarding they resisted traditional femininity that was demonstrated by the other girls at the park that just watched the boys legitimation at the skate park: skateboarding as a discursive resignification of girlhood 1 - very few girls at skate parks and those who go are often harassed and their presence is opposed - skater culture: very gendered o girls have to work much harder and overcome many more obstacles than boys to gain legit skater status o “the subordination and delegitimation of girls to boys is a common theme in youth subcultures” - Park Gang o Group of 14 and 15 yo amateur female skaters in Vancouver o Learned that being the only girls at the skate park singled them out for harassment  To the boys of the skate park the girls were only supposed to be there if they were fulfilling the typical feminine roles of watching, fan, girlfriend etc; the boys acted as gate keepers o Girls felt they skated less compared to boys because of the territorial attitude of the boys o The girls wanted the boys to appreciate how hard it is for girls to get into skating; they wanted to be treated as equals who deserved the same camaraderie the boys gave each other o Boys accused girls of being “posers”  Poser: wears the right skater clothes, carries a skateboard, but does not actually skate  Boys can be seen as posers too, girls who attempt to be “skaters” are singled out for the poser title
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