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Chapter 33

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SOAN 2400 Introduction to Gender SystemsChapter 33Feminism and Young Women Still Alive and KickingPages 340345 Feminists have always expressed their desire for social political economic and cultural change in a variety of milieusFeminists have never followed a unified political ideology It has revolved over time as the intricacies of womens positions in society have changedIn the very recent past reports have brought forward the arrival of the next generation of feminists selfproclaimed dissidents who herald the coming of feminisms last breath These new waves of feminists are basically saying women have made it get over it Amy Friedman has claimed she is uncomfortable with identifying with this new wave of feminists whom have not retained the sacredness of the personal She believes they have lost sight of feminisms original goals As far as future strategies are concerned Friedman and other Womens Studies graduates believe tolerance and flexibility are key elements for the womens movementAlthough these viewpoints have captured what they call the North American Feminist their views
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