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SOC 1100

thChapter 1 NotesSept 11 2012Sociological perspective refers to the way that sociologists identify general patterns in the behavior of particular individualsAlthough individuals are unique sociologists recognize that society acts differently on various categories of people ex children compared to adultsOur individual life experiences are shaped by the society in which we live as well as by the general categories into which we fallThe sociological perspective reveals the idea that society shapes what we think and doIn terms of social integration categories of people with strong social ties had lower suicide rates than those that were more individualistic study done by Emile DurkheimTwo situations that help people to see clearly how society shapes individual lives living on the margins of society and living through a social crisisThe greater an individuals social marginality the more able they are to use the sociological perspectiveWhere we live shapes the lives we lead ex the majority of children that a woman has differs from country to countrySocieties throughout the world are increasingly interconnected ex Canada is a mixing pot and has adapted to many other culturesIn an increasingly interconnected world we can understand ourselves to the extent that we understand othersThe sociological perspective is useful in a number of ways it is at work guiding many of the laws and policies that shape our lives on an individual level it leads to important personal growth and expand
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