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Sociology 1100 textbook 1: Sociological Perspective

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SOC 1100
Deanna Behnke- Cook

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CLASS 1the main grasp of sociology is that society guides our actions and shapes our values knowledge ofthe social forces at work allows sociologists to understand and predict the behaviours of individuals groups or culturesSociology the systematic study of human society Sociological perspective A special point of view in the heart of sociology described by peter berger as seeing the general in the particular He meant sociologists identify patterns in the behaviour of particular individuals while acknowledging that each individual is unique while society still inuences categories such as children versus adults dfab and dmab rich versus poorThe higher your autonomy and freedoms in society the more likely one is to commit suicideLiving through social crisis and on the margins of society help people see clearly how society shapes livesPeople on the margins of western society include people of colour women queer people and people with disabilitiessociological perspective is thinking in times of crisis the economy has collapsed there are no jobs to be found instead of I cant nd a job whats wrong with meMills 1959 sociological imagination helps people understand not only their society but also their individual livesglobal perspective the study of the larger world and societys place in itglobal awareness is a logical extension of the sociological perspectiveThe worlds nations can be divided into 3 broad categorieshigh income countries nations with the highest overall standards of living including 72 countries such as the usa canada south africa western europe israel saudi arabia japan and australiaThese nations produce most of the worlds goods and services and the people who live there own most of the planets wealthmiddleincome countries nations with a standard of living above average for the world as a whole including 70 countries such as eastern europe some of africa almost all of latin america and asiaThese people are as likely to live in rural villages as cities to walk or ride tractors scooters bicycles or animals as to drive automobilesOn average they receive 810 years of schoolingMost of the people in middle income classes live either in extreme inequality or extreme privilegelow income countries nations with a standard of living that is low compared to the rest of the world as a whole including 53 nations such as most of africa and a few in asiaHere again a few people are very wealthy but most of the people struggle with housing unsafe water too little food and little chance to improve their lives
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