SOC 1100 Chapter Notes -Ascribed Status, Canadian Humour, Rick Mercer

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Published on 4 Dec 2011
Social Interaction
The stuff of everyday life
social interaction
“the process by which people act and react in relation to others” (in
relation to others, and specific kinds of others)
the key to creating perceived reality and social structure through the
magic of face-to-face contact
• action and reaction takes place normally within social guidelines (free will?
“hanging with your friends”
social structure
helps you makes sense of everyday situations
clarifies cultural norms the structure thats out there is nothing more than a
combination of our interactions
eliminates chaos (which confuses, unsettles, paralyzes)
necessary for “normal” daily life (norms determine whats normal)
allows one to make choices with predictable outcomes
fits with structural-functionalism
• “a recognized social position that an individual occupies
• sociologically, status does not mean “prestige”
• involves particular duties, rights and expectations or guidelines for
individual behaviour
• connects us to others
• defines who we are in relation to others (father/daughter)
is a key component of social identity (for example, occupation)
Status set:
• all the statuses a person holds at a given time • these branch out and
change over time
• can be expanded or diminished (by joining or withdrawing from an
organization or social group)
people gain and lose dozens of statuses and status sets over a lifetime (tie
people into an evolving network of relationships)
ascribed status:
“a social position one assumes at birth or acquires involuntarily later in life”
one about which the individual has little or no choice
Given to you from birth (not something you acquire) *sister, niece, social
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