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Corner Store Video Summary

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University of Guelph
SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

Korean tradition must marry in orderLivehome till gets married learning to cook learn to take care of householdInterracial couples fears parents cant handle itCame to Canada in 1968 daughters bon in CanadaLong hours lot of work not a lot of incomeCarolyn first child25dental hygienist felt pressured by parents and rebelled she ran away for about a year and a half with no contact to family Parents think shes too independent and she needs to be more obedient Parents want her marriedout of the wayEvelynAngela receiving business scholarships graduated highschool w 90 averages Evelyn youngest breaks under stress occasionally Wants a good job so she can start giving back to parentsOwning a corner store hasnt brought much prestige or profit Korean community have many moralscant get divorces cant be single mother etc all superficial and worried what others in korean community will thinkYoung people expected to go to church mostly to find spouseAngelayoungest feels closer to Korean friends at school Takes school very seriously does very well Koreans dont show affection dont say I love you or hug mother Think father cant compromise listen or reason Father thinks Carolyn is jealous of sister and has a lot of angerToronto is the diversity capital of Canada home to many Koreans nearly 50000 according to the video Scenes
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