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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Sociology Notes

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SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

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Sociology Chapter 20 EducationEducation The social institution through which society provides its members w important knowledge including basic facts job skillscultural normsvaluesSchooling Formal instruction under the direction of specially trained teachersEDUCATION A GLOBAL SURVEYSchoolingEconomic Development The Greek root of the work school means leisure The limited schooling that takes place in lower income countries reflects the national culture In worlds poorest countries only half of all children will ever get school About 13 worlds population cant read or writeSchooling in India Recently has become a middleincome country but people there still only earn about 8 of US avg income India outlawed child labour but many children still work in factories Patriarchy exists Indian parents grateful when they have son bc hehis future wife will contribute income to the family Economic costs of raising girl dowry to grooms family after her marriage a daughters work benefits her husbands family Most of the children working in Indian factories are girls the familys way of benefiting from their daughters while they canSchooling in Japan Before Industrialization brought mandatory education in 1972 only a privileged few attended school Early grade focus on transmitting Japanese traditions especially a sense of obligation to family More people 96 graduate from high school in Japan than Canadathe USchooling in the UK During Middle Ages schooling was a privilege of the British Nobility who studied classical subjects having little concern for practical skills needed to earn a living Industrial Revolution created a need for an educated labour force people entered the classroom Law now requires every child
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