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Chapter 11

SOC 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Hostile Work Environment, Essentialism, Masculinity

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SOC 1100
Patrick Parnaby

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Chapter 11: Sexualities and Gender Stratification
Intersexed: Infants or babies born with ambiguous genitals because of hormonal imbalances in the
womb or some other cause.
Sex: Depends on whether you were born with distinct male or female genitals and a genetic program
that released either male or female hormones to stimulate the development of your reproductive
Gender: Refers to the feelings, attitudes, desires, and behaviours that are associated with a particular
sexual category.
Sexuality: A person’s capacity for erotic experiences and expressions.
Gender Identity: A person’s sense of belonging to a particular sexual category.
Gender Role: Behaviour that conforms to widely shared expectations about how members of a
particular sexual category are supposed to act.
Heteronormativity: Belief that sex is binary (one must be either male or female) and that sex ought to
be perfectly aligned with gender (one’s sexuality, gender ought to be either male or female).
Heterosexuality: The preference for members of the “opposite” sex as sexual partners.
March 10:
How is society harmed by patriarchy?
Children are harmed.
The economy is harmed.
Smart Economics: Increase development through investing more efficiency in women.
Men are harmed.
Forms of inequality among men and women:
Material resources.
Rights and freedoms.
Kristen Schilt: transgender who became a man. She uses surveys to test whether becoming a man
helped within the workplace.
Misconceptions about Feminism:
Feminists believe there is a conspiracy that men keep women down.
There are no male feminists.
Feminists only care about females.
Masculinity: Learning how men should act to not negatively affect men and woman.
Hardships endured by men:
Men are victimized by violent crimes.
Workplace accidents.
Men are supposed to act a certain way and some of the things they own can categorize them as
feminine, such as what type of dog you have.
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