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EVERTHING UP TO JANUARY 14TH Chapter 1: Crime and criminology Learning objectives: -Distinguish sociological from other explanations -Differentiate between criminology and study of deviance (Act that is not “normal”) Philosophical considerations… -Criminality or deviance innate to the person at the genetic, biological, psychological level VS. Sociological conception -Requires a negative or punitive response -The matter of context -Social control mechanisms: formal and informal Differentiating crime and deviance Crime you can get in trouble for while deviance is kind of like wearing colourful clothes to a funeral. You wont be apprehended you just know NOT to do it and is wrong. Deemed by society. Not the norm. Example, highway 6, the limit is 80 but that can be deviant. However it’s almost expected to go at least 100 or else you’ll hold up traffic. DER. You’re going over the speed limit and breaking the law, but still deemed at “deviant”. Things that are harmful aren’t always penalized. Example, pollution (industrial) is damaging the earth and humans too, but they aren’t being penalized. Industrial workplace accidents are another example. Objective and subjective points of view OBJECTIVE WOULD EMPHASIZE A SOCIETY BASED law, WHILE SUBJECTIVE WOULD BE LIKE NAH ITS CULTURAL BRO. It can change. (caps lock. Whoops) Objective: Wrongful behaviors. More mainstream (lets FINISH dem law breakers) Subjective: Subject to change. Will think about the crime rather than go straight to life imprisonment. What? Open to perspectives. January 16 , movie -Mesopotamia is the first written law. Hammurabi wrote first set of laws. -Natural law was important for judicial laws. Natural came form gods, they then became more secular and then became rules that sustain more modern views (judicial) -Equality between people was not thought about back in the day. Free people and children and woman were under the rule of the man of the house. -Romans drew pretty pictures he he he -Romans make a legal system that was flexible, efficient and well tailored to its society. -Legal system is based on financial resources and family ties. Access to law are greater if you have more ties and money, than people without these resources. -After collapse of Roman Empire, barbarian law became the law of the land. This was a step backward. Not at sophisticated. This was used all around Europe until th the 13 century -Way to see if you were guilty or not guilty was making people walk on hot coal and with a hot rod. If your burn did not get infected you are not guilty saaaaaaaan. -Clerical courts rather than secular courts. -Dramatic legal codes were not able to accommodate the changes in European society. This caused Roman law to resurface -Under King John’s rule, the Magna Carta was signed. (First charter of human rights) -When the US was discovered (Chris Columbus), they inflicted their laws on the Indians.. -They were first thought of as savages until pope said, ‘nah guy, they be humans and ish’. -They ended up saying the Indians where just dumber and those bthtards took advantage of them. Slavery became the thing in that time (18 century)like Gangam style now -Thomas Jefferson demanded the right to liberty for ALL men. Included slaves. -Declaration of independence and French revolution. Napoleon WORKED ON THE NEW FRNECH revel code. He assured a certain security that wasn’t there before. Civil code of 1804. Imposed in German states, Poland and Italy -Slaves in Europe fought back. 1833 Great Britain was the first to stop slavery. Everyone soon followed -War of succession in US was when the American Constitution was apprehended. Racism and ish still prevailed f
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