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Mavis Morton

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Crime and Criminal Justice September 22 2009 Media’s representation of Crime News media’s coverage of crime and consequences: Overdramatize crime: - crime waves [devoting a lot of attention to a small amount of crime] / moral panics *[definition and example…why?]  (e.g. guns in Toronto by youth… 2005 “The year of the gun”, “The Nasty Girl phenomenon” , “The war on drugs”, prohibition of alcohol – alcohol involved in crime.., terrorism, gangs, cyber bullying, serial killers) - over-reporting violent crime [“if it bleeds it leads” , homicide was accounting for 25% of all newspaper and TV crime stories even though it represents less then 1% of all crime, focus on street crime and bizarre events] - neglecting white collar crime [under reporting of other crimes (corporate crime)] Crime myths: - racial and ethnic minorities [beliefs, unproven, possibly false… ex. Nasty girl phenomenon, distortion to the way crime is reported  based on the kind of crime, offender? Victim? Race? Class? Gender? Age?...what’s not there as much as what is there. (about girl or women, gender always identified) - youth [makes street crime and violent crime again youth look like it is ramped] - virtuous crimes [more attention to crimes whose victims seem innocent (small child, elderly woman, white wealthy woman] ** go to link on power point**  flow of information between the incident, how it gets reported in the news, public gets info, over dramatized, media and politicians have a relationship, affect on reaction on politicians, politicians go to public to get support  politicians are using the media to gain public support. [two way street, work with and for and sometimes against the media] e.g. new legislation regarding cyber bullying… moral panics = impact population by way of legislation. Media picks up an issue (like gun crime in Toronto) and has its way with it … Front page of the Toronto Star. New Headline: “Gun violence on the wane;” - “Following the year of the gun in 2005, major crimes are down in Toronto. Police point to crackdowns as a key reason but studies argue th
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