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Chapter 2

Crime Chapter 2

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SOC 1500
J.Bruce Morton

Crime Chapter 2 NotesEmpirical Investigation the systematic collection of observable dataOfficial Statistics Uniform Crime Reporting System attempt to understand the real level of crime only crime reported can be counted crimes known by the police to have taken place violent crime property crime and Criminal Code violationsCanadian crime has been systematically collected since 1962 crime reports Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics in Ottawa is the division at statistics Canada responsible for gather and analyzing the reporsts submitted by police from across the country UCR2 incident based reporting systemcrime reports from police departments are submitted monthly on machienereadable formsOfficial crime statistics are to be treated with caution because most crime that comes to attention of the police is reported in the first instance by the publicCrime may not be reported because people are scared feel nothing important is happening trivial matters may not realize they are a victim no interestRise during the mid 1980s changed the definition of sexual assault to any form of sexual contact without voluntary consentYouth Criminal Justice Act has succeeded in significantly reducing the rates of use of court and custody without increasing policerecorded youth crime SelfReport Surveys they ar
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