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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

WEEK 7 READINGS PART II – SOC 2070 – Adler Readings PART V: DEVIANT IDENTIY Identity Development - the process of acquiring a deviant identity unfolds in stages as a ‘deviant’ or ‘moral’ career, with people passing through stages that move them out of their innocent identities towards one labeled as ‘different’ by society - Adler and Adler – 7 Stages of the Deviant Identity Career o Stage 1:  Begins once people are caught and publicly identified as deviant  Other starts to think of them differently o Stage 2:  People will change their attitudes toward him or her, or talking about him/her behind him/her back  They may look at her behaviour and engage in retrospective interpretation, as they think about them differently, reflecting back onto the past to see if him/her current and earlier because can be recast differently in the light of their new information o Stage 3:  As new spreads, they might develop a ‘spoiled identity’, one with a tarnished reputation  Deviant labeling is hard to reverse and once people’s identities (Erikson suggested) are spoiled, they are hard to socially rehabilitate o Stage 4:  The dynamics of exclusion (Lemert), friends start deriding and ostracizing him/her from their social group o Stage 5:  Others may welcome or include him/her into their deviant circles or activities  They may find that they have developed a reputation that, though repelling tom some groups, is attractive to others o Stage 6:  Others usually begin to treat differently those defined as deviant, indicating through their actions that their feelings and attitudes towards the newly deviant have shifted, often in a negative sense - Lemert – primary and secondary deviance o Primary deviance:  A stage when people commit deviant
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