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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

WEEK 7 READINGS – SOC 2070 – CHAPTER 7 CHAPTER 7: MENTAL DISORDERS - mental disorder: o psychological, biological or behavioural dysfunction that interferes with daily life Who has mental Disorders? - Health Canada has found that approximately 20% of adult Canadians have a mental illness, and 80% of Canadians know someone with a mental illness - WHO has found that mental disorders affect 25% of the world’s population at some point in their lives: at any given point in time, more than 450 million people are experiencing a mental disorder - Depression, anxiety and somatic disorders are the most common – 1 in 3 - Overall rates of mental disorder are virtually identical in men and women, but recognize that there are distinct differences in the patterns and types of mental illness - Antisocial personality disorder, substance abuse dependency disorders, and conduct disorders are much more common in men - Disorders known at common mental disorders, depression and anxiety, are much more common in women. - Reasons why women in countries throughout the world are more likely to experience depression and anxiety are largely sociocultural in nature - Although socioeconomic status interacts with gender, both womena dn men of low socioeconomic status have higher rates of most types of mental illness, especially depression and anxiety - The social causation hypothesis suggest that more life stresses and fewer resources characterize the lives of the lower class, contributing to the emergence of mental disorders - Age is also correlated with mental illness. Mental illness is more prevalent among adolescents and young adults, and most mental disorders first emerge during this time in life.. The Cost of Mental Illness - having a mental disorder can contribute to a wide range of negative life outcomes o eg. having a mental disorder is associated with higher rates of teen pregnancy and early marriage, and a greater risk of marital instability, all of which contribute to difficulties for the children being raised in those environments o each year, individuals with mental disorders earn thousands of dollars less than those without mental disorders - some illnesses are correlated with other physical ailments; example – depression is related to a higher risk of heart disease - the emotional burden of living with a mental disorder creates a considerable challenge to all aspects of daily living and influences the quality of life overall - five of the ten leading causes of disabilities in Canada are mental illnesses WEEK 7 READINGS – SOC 2070 – CHAPTER 7 - Depression alone is the fourth leading global disease burden – 2020, projected to be number two behind the number one, heart disease - Economies experience lost productivity due to the following: o Premature deaths from suicide o Absenteeism from work due to illness o Inability to be employed o Decreased productivity while on the job o Family members’ absence form work or withdrawal from the labour force in order to provide full-time care Controlling Mental Disorder: Perceptions, Stigmatization and Treatment - we have only to look at the media to see the way mental illness continues to be stigmatized - it’s portrayed in an exceedingly negative light and is typically associated with violent behaviour o eg. 72% of those with a mental illness on TV were an evil or violent character - one third of adult Canadians believe that others would think less of them if they had a mental disorder – unfortunately, they are right! People with mental disorders are perceived as being unpredictable, violent, dangerous and uncontrollable - two-thirds of people survey express reservations about dating someone with a mental disorder or even living next door to one - mental illness can even be stigmatized by some mental health professionals who often admit that they try to avoid having to treat patients with more severe mental illnesses
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