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Chapter 9

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SOC 2070
Andrew Robinson

Sexual Deviance 782013 83300 AMChapter 9 Sexual deviance textbookWhats deviant about sexual behavior With sex norms as with laws governing sexual acts there are the who what how where and when questionsWhat makes a sex act illegal is an inappropriateness along with 1 degree of consent one aspect of the how question 2 the nature of the sexual object the who and what question 3 the nature of the sex act another aspect of how question 4 the setting in which the sex act occurs the where questionRape is deviant along the dimension of 1 consent on the part of the women is lacking force violence or the threat of violence is used to obtain sexual intercourseKinky sex the nature of the sex act can be considered deviant act is weird unwholesome and worthy of condemnationSex with the same gender is condemned and therefore deviantMasturbation by anyone is not talked about and teens are admonished not to touch themselvesSome people find sex in public and semipublic places exciting and practice it because they have a certain chance of being discovered by othersOther dimensions not covered by law are things such as how often the desire for sex that is widely deemed too often may court the charge of being a sex addict or beingsexually compulsive Whereas if not having sex often enough could come off as impotent or frigidSex at a young age or having sex with too many partners or sex at an older age is condemned and has a negative stigma to itExposing ones sex organs to an unwilling coerced audience exhibitionism qualifies as an unconventional sex actSelling acting in or posing for making or in some quarter purchasing and consuming material that is widely regarded as pornographic is widely regarded as deviant Essentialism versus constructionism Essentialist position sees sexuality as real as something that exists in more or less standard form everywhere and for all time To this perspective sex is an immanent indwelling inherent force it is there it exists prior to the human consciousness Constructionism asks questions about the construction and imputation of meaning doesnt assume beforehand that a phenomenon bears automatic sexual meaning We are sexual because we are social It is social life that creates motivates and shapes our sexuality What creates the phenomenon of deviance is the condemning reactions and these reactions are variable in societies the world over from one historical period to another and from one social circle or context to another in the same society When the term sexual deviant used to be used to describe someone the image that came to mind was someone who is impelled to act as a result of uncontrollable and distinctly abnormal motivessomeone whose behavior is freakish and fetishistic Today its not referring to that which are sick or pathological but whats socially disapproved Sociologically deviance is made up of actions and beliefs and conditions that violate one or more norms in a given place and at a given time and are likely to touch off negative reactions Psychological sexual deviance implies a disorder a dysfunction socially and sociologically sexual deviance refers to a violation of norms and a subsequently high likelihood of condemnation and stigma HomosexualitySexual behavior and orientation are among the most basic and important of the categories humankind is divided intoDepending on where youre from and whether or not youre a Christianreligious are deciding factors on whether you believe homosexuality should be condemned or notToday as compared with 20 or 30 years ago the public is significantly and in some cases strikingly more likely to believe that homosexuality relations should be legal 43 in 1977 vs 55 in 2008
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