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SOC 2070
Andrew Robinson

ARTICLES FOR UNIT 8 Academic Freedom as a Shield for Anti-Semitism  The one place in America where anti-semitism is still considered acceptable is in university Divestment proponents try to equate Israel among all other nations for special criticism, as in the case of the current divestment movement being mounted on various campuses across the country.  Divestment proponents try to equate Israel with apartheid South Africa, which was the target of a divestment campaign aimed at ending racial segregation there  This is an offensive comparison that ignores the fact that all Israel citizens are equal under the law.  The divestment campaign against South Africa was specifically directed at companies that were using that country’s racist laws to their advantage  Harvard University President Lawrence Summers observed that the divestment efforts are anti- Semistic. “Profoundly anti-Israel views are increasingly finding support in progressive intellectual communities.”  Part of the problem is the failure of the university to teach critical thinking skills.  Columbias President Bollinger wants to retain the myth of the purity of the ivory tower, but he left out what has become a far greater influence on the university than scholarship, and that is money.  Legality is not the issue in evaluating the anti-Israel, sometimes anti-Semitic speeches and teachings of faculty and speakers on campus. The Timeline of Tuskegee Experiment  Study to record the natural
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