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Chapter 1

chapter 1

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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

Deviance Chapter 1 Deviance behavior beliefs or characteristics which are likely to generate a negative response in others It is the process of which the actors believers and the possessors characteristics are tainted stigmatized and inferiorized It is about making rules breaking rules and the reactions to breaking rules Humans are evaluative creatures we continually make judgments about others4 things needed for deviance to occur1 Rules or norms must exist2 Someone must violate or thought to have violate that rule or norm3 Must be an audience who judges the normative violation 4 Likelihood of negative reactions Without the reaction there is no devianceHierarchy view people with power decide what is deviant or the majority of a societyHorizontalmosaic view deviance can be anything that any collectivity says it is regardless of power Societal deviance actions and conditions that are widely recognized as deviant ex rape robberyterrorism These things are seen as bad by the vast majority of people hierarchical sideSituational deviance an individual may not be considered deviant in their circle or setting but would be in a societal setting ex homosexuality is widely accepted in San Francisco
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