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Chapter 1 Review

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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

THJANUARY 9 BERESKA CHAPTER 1 REVIEWWe can make a list of people we find annoying However the concept of deviance exists at the level of social processes not personal opinion The study of deviance is characterized by disagreement about how deviance should be defined Some deviance specialists suggest that there has been a general shift from objective to subjective definitions drawing upon the notion of an objectivesubjective dualism or dichotomyThe objective side of the dualism suggests that there is a single characteristic that distinguishes deviant people from normal people The four different defining traits that laypersons social activists politicians or academics have mentioned are normative violation statistical rarity societal reaction and harmAccording to the subjective side of the dichotomy the only characteristic all deviant people have in common is that enough important people have called them deviant In other words deviance is a social construction Looking at deviance from a social constructionist point of view what is of interest are a particular behaviours place in the social order the roles assigned to particular people who exhibit that behaviour and the societal meanings attached to it Recent work in the study of deviance integrates both objective and subjective components Thus objectivism and subjectivism may be thought of as existing along a continuum rather than as a dichotom
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