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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Review

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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

Jan 30th BERESKA CHAPTER 3 REVIEWDeviance specialists who have more subjective understandings of deviance are interested in the way particular acts are socially constructed and socially typed as deviant Interpretive and critical theories are the most useful in understanding the social construction of deviance and normalityInterpretive theories with their emphasis on how meaning is created through social interaction and symbolic communication draw our attention to how each of us comes to understand that certain acts are deviant while others are normal They also draw our attention to how different people develop contrasting understandings of deviance Labeling theory explains how the process of getting caught in a deviant act and subsequently labeled serves as the impetus for the transition from primary to secondary deviance A deviant label becomes master status that limits opportunities in the normal world opens up opportunities in the deviant world and changes a persons selfperception and identity Different people may react to being stigmatized in various ways such as by trying to hide the stigma immersing themselves in a world of similarly stigmatized others or proudly displaying the stigma The notion of the deviant career is another interpretive strategy for exploring peoples entrance into management of an
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