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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Summary

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

The Role of Farmers Parties A New Form of Power most progressive farm leaders of the province set out to build a unifiedbroadly based farm organizationunited farmers was to provide organizational vehicle for agrarian protest that occurred in the province laterFarmerLabour Gov in OntWW1 played part in propelling social movements brought up rural protests that ended in farmers forming the most economically significant jurisdiction in the country military acts stated that men aged 2045 were to enlist farmers opposed this boys from farm families were exempted from this bc of vital role they played to produce food for the war effort this promise didnt hold farmers sent 5000 ppl to Ottawa to explain why they didnt feel this was right Prime Minister opposed this farmers won most votes in parliament before selecting leaderthis however was short lived they did achieve some things made funds available for publichealth nursesfree clinics in the province enacting minimum wage law for womengirls increased max percent payable to injured workers from 5566 of their wages increased allowances to widows
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