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Chapter 4

chapter 4 summary

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

The Institution of Agrarian Power farmers struggle for political power replaced by producers struggle to gain control over impersonal market forcesresist growing of industrialcommercial enterprises process of institutionalization included establishment of Canadian Wheat Boarddev of regulatory regime in dairy industry coming together of producersagricultural processing involved shared perspective of needs for general increase in agriculture pricesending volatility competition that threatened them key problem for processors was overproduction of agricultural commodities threatened profitabilityStruggle for Wheat Boardtill 30s govt believed that private grain trade was best for marketing the number 1 agriculture commodityfarmers against this bc they would end up having to sell their wheat for cheaper so that they arent left with any leftoversbill to create Wheat Board gave them power to take over all grain elevators in Prairie provincesto exercise control over movement of grain between provinces and oversea eventually power was reducedSignificance of Wheat Boardagriculture policy had become a political issue important bc state realized that its policy would affect states role on other farm productsDairy Products Achieve a Regulatory RegimeWW1 saw decrease in cheese exports many dairy provinces changed to m
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