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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

Globalization Neoliberalism and Rural DeclineEuropean style of agriculture brought to CanadaAustralia was designed to provide cheap staples to an industrializing Britain primary production had a global focus National Policy in Can Was an attempt to foster national industrial dev via tariffs agriculture expansion and export of key staples grains remained in affect till after depression until 70s productiondistribution occurred under a mantle of protection subsidizationstate regulation rural communities were planned government provides infrastructure for schools railways roads etc commitment to these ideals has been replaced wnarrow focus on freemarkets user paysselfhelp as part of a neoliberalism rural areas had ppl in government jobs being let go leaving towns wout good level of services and middle class from which leadership could be drawn this disadvantages the aged and disenfranchised The Farm ProblemGlobalizationmove to globalized world wfreer trade is viewed as essential if agriculture is to prosper current failure due to number of factors specific nature of traded agricultural commoditieslow commodity pricesunfair world competitionthe way assets are fixed in farming farm problem economic growth causes net incomes in agriculture to increase less than those in nonagricu
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