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Course Reader-Humans, Food nad Other Animals: The Vegetarian Option

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

March 6 2012Humans Food and Other Animals The Vegetarian Option what when where we eat all decisions driven by complex motives ie biological such as hunger as well as social such as taste manners expectations obligations Historical Overview vegetarianism a modern phenomenonin Greece Pythagoras 580 BC had doctrine based on belief of the transmission of souls which implied a kindred relationship and common fate for all living creatures also embodied environmentalecological concerns at various points in history it has been theorized about the connection between vegetarianism and a long healthy life Sylvester Graham 1830s USA preached vegetarianism was the natural diet and mean was probably not included in diets of first family and first generations of mankindWhat is a Vegetariantechnically it is a person who eats no flesh further subcategories lactovegetarian ovovegetarian who eat no flesh but eat some of the products of animals vegans eats no flesh as well as no products from animals sometimes also applies to what they wear as well vegans argue that animal products cant be separated from animal mistreatment point to connection of eating eggs and keeping hens in battery cages OR between drinking milk and breedingslaughter of veal calves which are necessary to keep dairy cows in milkHow Many Vegetarians are therearound 1 billion ppl esti
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