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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

Pesticide Alert can be found in drinking water and food and air pesticides are toxic chemicals most can cause cancer birth defects changes in genetic material pesticides used in agriculture take up 60 How Does it Affect Humans ground water contains unwanted pesticides as well as surface water more than half of the pesticides in food cant be found by FDAs lab methods farmers that come into contact wpesticides have a higher chance of certain cancers the pests that farmers are using these pesticides to get rid of are becoming immune to the pesticides both insects as well as weeds and fungi widespread use of chlorinated pesticides has reduced bird populations Pesticides in Food many pesticides in foods have been suspected of causing cancer other types of pesticides can cause birth defects or miscarriagesinfertility FDA cant always determine pesticides that leave residue in food EPA has concluded that captan is a human carcinogen therefore any level of exposure can cause cancer majority of captan tolerance were set before EPA knew the chemical caused cancer tolerances dont cover one of the compounds breakdown pr
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