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University of Guelph
SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

Factory Farming contract farmers usually have theseWho Benefits from Factory Farms beef cattle feedlots have around 50000100000 animals cost for production exceeds benefits almostof all energy in American agriculture goes to livestock production for meat Hidden Costs of Factory Farms government uses tax dollars to pay for animal feed irrigation pesticides wastemanagement costs disease control Animal as Production Units most milkfed veal comes from calves raised in almost complete isolation live in narrow crates where they cant walk aroundlay down comfortably fed a liquid diet wantibiotics to keep skin pale90 of eggs come from hens that live in small cages no room to lie downstretch wings start to peck each other sometimes to deathto stop this farmers remove beaks many drugschemicals needed to ward off disease chickens for meat have gone crazy and bash themselves to death in hysteriastarved for 30 hours before slaughter bc farmers think that this food wont be converted to meat and is therefore a waste most pigs live in crates where they cant turn around or walk pigs never go outside become bored and event
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